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 Posted: Thu Sep 4th, 2008 01:08 am
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izzy wrote: This is just a little off topic but here goes:

This spring on tour in Oklahoma, we stopped at a large gas station/convenience store along the interstate.  In the NO PARKING ZONE in front of the store was a sign which read: The Last Car Parked Here Is Still Missing!

Near Honey Springs Battlefield, was a hand painted sign on a sheet of plywood next to the road that read: Road Hunters Will Be Shot!

Don't ya just love Oklahoma?!  I love a state with a no B.S. attitude!

When I lived in the Phillippines, we used to laugh at a large billboard just outside of the town of Angeles City near what used to be the US Air Force Base. The billboard was outside of a filling station and convenience store and sat just before the start of a superhighway with no stops across Pampanga Province rice and sugar fields on the long trip to Manila. Anyway this is truly what the sign said:

Last chance to pee before you reach Manila.

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