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 Posted: Thu Sep 4th, 2008 08:02 am
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To look into the AoNV at Gettysburg, you must start with the losses at Chancellorsville -- Jackson wasn't the only ranking commander to be lost there.

The AoNV started for Pennsylvania with Corps, Division, Brigade and Regimental commanders who were unknown to their commanders and who were bumped up into commands with which they were unfamiliar. (HankC's point number 4.)

"Sometimes I wonder if the Meade's command structure wasn't in disarray due to his lack of time in putting "his people" in command positions AND due to battle deaths form Gettysburg. Just some thoughts to go along with the others that have been put forth."

Meade had his difficulties, but he had been in Brigade and Division command for quite some time. He knew or knew of most of the commanders who would serve under him at Gettysburg. Might we say that he was less uncomfortable with his command than was Lee?


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