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 Posted: Thu Sep 4th, 2008 11:17 pm
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Bama46 wrote: you are entitled to your opinion!

None of what I stated was by gosh & by golly opinion.  I am of the opinion that life in a POW Camp, no matter which side was running it, was hell.  I am of the opinion that Sherman's march from Atlanta to the Sea has been so badly distorted by the Lost Cause that the GWTW version is taken as gospel... not what actually happened.  I am of the opinion that the tithing system as practiced by the CS is all but unknown to those who embrace the Lost Cause... because to know about it would be inconvenient to their belief that the CS was as pure as the driven snow.  Much as screaming about the unconstitutional actions of Lincoln while conveniently ignoring those of Davis is quite en vogue w/ those who worship at the alter of the Lost Cause and the Messiah that is Jeff Davis.  If you would like a reading list feel free to ask.

I got my "opinion" from reading, a lot.  Some of that reading has been legit historians most has been the letters and diaries of the men who were there.  I spend 2-3 hours a day on average reading on the ACW.  I've learned a lot, enough to know I don't know as much as I would like.  I don't burn any incense at some Lincoln or Sherman shrine; I have about as much time for those who do as I have for those who burn their incense at some Davis shrine.

If the tithing system didn't really exist, please enlighten me.  If Sherman didn't feed Savannah, please enlighten me.  As to the three nearest towns to Andersonville... please tell me how many civilians died of starvation there and while you're at it detail what Wirz did to feed his prisoners.  Please do enlighten me.

Sherman and his men were crucified at every opportunity by a batch of wannabes, Iwishiwas and staybehinders.  They would become the founders of the Lost Cause.

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