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 Posted: Fri Sep 5th, 2008 03:50 am
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44th VA INF wrote: Deshtroying people food supply homes taking livestock and anything elsee of use is no way to fight a war the south had a since of honor when they marched to gettysburg

44th VA INF, you are so mistaken about that statement. One of Lee's purposes in  the Gettysburg campaign was to relieve Virginia of the army's demand for food and forage there and allow Virginian farmers to harvest their crops.  Thus, Lee planned to forage liberally throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania and his army did so. In fact, Lee's forces sent detachments out on the way to Gettysburg, during the battle and even on the retreat back from Gettysburg with the express purpose of foraging for food, shoes, clothing, and war materials.  

They stole or impressed or foraged (or whatever term you want to use) thousands of heads of beef, took horses, mules, sheep, poultry, pigs, anything edible. Yes, they even helped themselves to whiskey and some soldiers got drunk.

Lee did offer to pay for impressed goods with Confederate dollars which turned out to be nearly the same as not paying at all.

Oh---one more thing. They captured freedmen and women African-Americans and forced them back to the South to slavery.

Do not for one minute entertain the idea that only Union forces committed atrocities in the Civil War. 

And one more thing, I wish you would respond to statements we post here and not just make additional outlandish statements  without any indication that you have read or comprehended anything we have taken our time to say.

 At first I thought you did not speak English as a first language, so I excused your posts, but I am beginning to wonder if you aren't a troll pretending to struggle with English in order to advance a one-sided Lost Cause agenda.

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