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 Posted: Fri Sep 5th, 2008 07:59 pm
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"Was it Isham's blunder? Or was it the lack of Confederate focus?"

--It was not only Gov Harris, but rather a mindset controlled by what i believe was termed the Mississippi River Bloc.

There was a group of several influential men that meant to protect their property from invasion along that route which resulted in eastern KY and middle TN being very vulnerable, as Island No. 10, Ft Pillow, Columbus, KY, garnered a large share of the west's stretched resources.

Given the vast territory A.S. Johnston was charged with defending....considering other difficulties not the least of which was at the time the Union manuevers began over half the Rebel army is unarmed...

Coupled with falty construction of Ft. Henry, and the failure to fortify Nashville (I recall that the citizens of Edgefield, being very influential) demanded that the engineer construct his works to protect their homes on the northern side of the Cumberland River.

As for my take on worst blunders it would have to be the Kentucky Invasion of 1862. (or like Artor Bart says the failure to remove Bragg then or any other time over the next year.) Kirby-Smith and Bragg could not work together and the failure to either take Louisville or block Buell from reinforcing it and giving the initiative back to the Union ended the Confederate chance to alter the war in the west.

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