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 Posted: Fri Sep 5th, 2008 08:31 pm
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Kirby-Smith and Bragg could not work together
And herein is a symptom of what?

Why is it that there was so much conflict among Western Confederate Generals? And so little effective conflict among the Western Union Generals?

Which is not to say that jealousies and obstinacy did not exist in the Union west, but it was so much less debilitating to the war itself. Buell, Halleck, Grant, Sherman, Thomas, Rosecrans, Banks, Butler, et alii, had their differences and sometimes open hostility.  Somewhere in there, the personal conflicts were overridden in favor of a common cause. Where did that come from? Lincoln? A common recognition of subservience to cause? Why is it that Bragg's odious personality crippled an otherwise excellent body of fighting men, and the same kind of tension among Union commanders did not?

Just asking for understanding.


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