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 Posted: Sat Sep 6th, 2008 01:04 am
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True, Joe. Talk about blowing your last best chance to isolate and finish off the Union Army. But why did Hood attack piecemeal like he did? Isn't that automatically a bad move?

With apologies Pam, I must pick a nit or two with you here. Schofield's Army of the (what was it then? Ohio? Cumberland?) was two corps -- somewhere near 38,000 men. Hood assaulted him with two of his three corps, also roughly 37,000 men. And what was piecemeal about it? Hood's entire present force marched down from Winstead Hill, fanned out, overran Wagner's position and primarily fell on the Columbia Pike gap in Schofield's line.

I don't wish to be quarrelsome here -- just to correct an understanding. Whether it is yours or mine that needs correction is of no consequence. We ought to come out of this brief interlude with about the same understanding of what happened.


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