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 Posted: Sat Sep 6th, 2008 02:25 am
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Bama46 wrote: johan,
you seem to poo poo every instance of federal extremism, and emphasize every confederate instance of extremism....  Only someone who is purposefully ignorant of my stated views about how the Native American has been treated by the US or how the black man was betrayed after the CW could say that with a straight face.

If you really feel this way, then drop your pretense of feeling for the confederate soldier and declare that you hate all things confederate.  It isn't a pretense and I'll call a bald faced liar any who say otherwise.  I respect fighting men, I always have.  I don't respect the politicians, slaveocracy and wannabes who sent them off to die. The CS soldier was a fighting man as good as any of his day; he was let down by his govt and its political leadership.  I respect fighting men who are willing to put it all on the line, sorry but I see few CS politicians who were that willing... and those who founded the Lost Cause were the stay behinders who alluded that the CS soldier didn't do enough because they couldn't whip the cowardly, incompetant, raping, murdering, plundering, ad nauseum US soldier.

By the way, what happened to the Roswell women would not be significant today, but in 1865...
Ed  True, and as I said it was no worse than what happened in many other places throughout the Civil War; it pales in comparison to the Trail of Tears or what happened to the Apache in their forced relocation after they trounced the US Army... repeatedly.  Compared to the treatment of the black man and practical apartheid for more than a century...  I suppose it is a matter of degree.

I emphasize CS extremism because some choose minimize it and take every opportunity to slander the US w/ as broad a brush as possible.  Consider it a balancing act.  I grow weary of those who eagerly smear this country and her soldiers at every opportunity, whether in 1866 or 2008.  The CS was a far cry from as pure as the driven snow as was/is the US.  I long ago grew weary of those who thought it was ok to smear the US, and those who have defended her, but when anything negative about the CS was mentioned... the cry goes up that he's ANTI_SOUTHERN!  A load of... posh.

Southern does not = Confederate and Confederate does not = Southern.  Roughly 250,000 Southerners who served in the US Army from 1861-1865 prove that beyond any shadow of doubt.

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