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 Posted: Sat Jul 15th, 2006 09:38 pm
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To answer the question...

Yes the Jenkins house was structurally sound, but it needed a lot of work.  The owners left it for at least two years with no electricity, so you can imagine.   If it had been sold to someone who cared about history, it could have been brought back to its original beauty with matching dollars from the state because of what it was. 

I found out very recently that a couple was looking to put a contract on the Jenkins house a few days before its demolition.   The realtor, Larry Sims, gave the couple the impression they might get the house.   On Monday (after the demolition on Saturday), the devastated couple finally got in touch with Larry Sims who said "well, you can't buy a house that's not there."

When the Daily News Journal contacted Larry Sims about the demolition, he told them he "wasn't aware the house was to be razed."   He did admit that the value of the land was "likely to increase considerably with the home's demolition and removal of some 30 trees later this week."

How is it possible for a realtor to NOT know a house is going to be demolished on a commercial property he is selling???   He must think we are all fools, just like the City of Murfreesboro does.


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