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 Posted: Sat Sep 6th, 2008 03:21 pm
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pamc153PA wrote: And then, of course, there was the whole notion, held by the North at the start of the war, that this was akin to a child's tantrum by the South, and that the North would, with their military superiority, etc., end the war inside of six months.


But similar attitudes were entertained in the South as well, such notions as Northerners were just wage slaves who were cowardly, ungentlemanly and would not stand and fight. They believed that Southerns were superior fighters, braver, better horsemen and shooters, etc. 

 Like the Union, many also believed that they would lick the cowardly enemy in a matter of weeks or months and the war would soon be over, especially because the Confedrate cause was just and God was on their side. Though such ideas were the vogue, Jefferson Davis, himself, did not share such illusions, believing instead that the war could be long and hard fought against a formidable enemy.

These ideas are evidently quite human--not solely Confederate or Union illusions. Siimilar ideas were popularly held before World Wars I and II, Viet Nam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

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