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 Posted: Sun Sep 7th, 2008 12:53 am
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On the other hand, bear with me please, I'll suspect that we all went to high school. During the season -- football, basketball, track -- did we not assume that those people were beneath our own valiant athletes? (Nevermind that we got the crap kicked out of us time and again -- bad referees.)

So I take that memory of when I was young and stupid, and I apply it here. It's quite remarkable that so many of our kind have not shed that self-image, teener BS.

Now I'm reminded of my first and only confrontation with "Coach." You've all had exposure to "Coach," yes? I was into the music end of competitions and "Coach," as principle, had to be there. He decried the comptetition as not somthing beneficial. Being a complete dork, I had to ask how a music comptetion differed from an athletic competition. It was well that I had already completed all his classes. (By the way, we swept any semblance of competition in every category. Us rednecks do appreciate the gentler arts.)

End of maundering.


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