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 Posted: Mon Sep 26th, 2005 09:23 pm
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I was born in 1965, and when I was eight our pastor took the Sunday School kids to Springfield, IL to see all the Lincoln sites (his home, the Old State Capitol, his law office, and the Lincoln Tomb where all but one of the Lincoln family rests).   We also went to the Lincoln cabin in Petersburg, IL where I purchased a few postcards and a small Rebel Battle Flag.   Why?  Something about that flag interested me, so when I returned to school on Monday I checked out a big, red clothbound book on the Civil War.  It had lots of illustrations of the battles, generals, soldiers, etc.  I think I eventually checked out every Civil War book in our school library.  I later gave my first oral book report on Robert E. Lee that same school year. My interest waned a little through my teens and 20's, but when I received "The Killer Angels" as a gift the same summer we went to Gettysburg, it roared back with a vengeance.   I always make it a point to check on ANYTHING related to the war whenever and wherever I travel, even if it's a small monument in a tiny county courthouse yard, and add it to my collection of visited sites, along with a photo.  Although not a participant, I enjoy attending re-enactments and living history events, and have visited battlefields big and small, and look forward to seeing and experiencing even more.

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