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 Posted: Tue Sep 9th, 2008 05:02 pm
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The Drum Book discussion group is Reading Conquering the Valley by Robert Krick.  I have read and read and for what ever reason I can't remember a thing I read after I put it down for the evening.  I finally stopped reading it for now.  It just wasn't going in and sticking . 

Last night after giving up on the Krick book I picked up one I bought on Trip to Springfield last month.  Stealing Lincoln's Body by Thomas J. Craughwell.  It is more than I thought it was .  It goes into the detail of what happened to Lincoln after his death and last train ride home.  The history of embalming , and now the history of conterfeiting all leading up to the story of the three stooges type attempt to steal the body . 

I was sitting here last night really enjoying a book again .  I am so glad I got this book at the Museum of Funeral Customs in Springfield.  There are several other books I bought in Springfiedl calling my name too. 

Oh and seems I rebought one book.  a second hand copy of A.P. Hill but the good news is I had it in paperback and this is hardback.  My friend in S.C. doesn't have it , likes paperbacks so guess what he is gettting for his birthday in two months. 

Now back to my book.


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