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 Posted: Tue Sep 9th, 2008 07:49 pm
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It's bad enough that re-enactors are prohibited from bringing weapons to classroom demos, but in the last year, at an reenactment to which school groups were invited, a Principal contacted our event coordinator to express concern that we displayed weapons in the camp and at sutler's tents. He was told that obviously no sutler would sell a gun or knife to a student and it was thier responsibility to make sure no one returned to school with anything they shouldn't have.
As to weapons displayed in the camp, he actually requested that we not have them out during the school tours. We of course denied his request.
At another school presentation, a re-enactor demonstrated to students what a typical soldier carried in a haversack. He displayed a piece of salt pork, and one of the students threatened to touch a Muslim student with it, which led to a call requesting we no longer make pork products part of the demonstrations.
And of course, let's not get started on the whole flag issue.
My question is, when does all this stop? How far are we going to water down our country's history because someone may be "offended" ?

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