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 Posted: Wed Sep 10th, 2008 02:38 am
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i changed my mind i wanna be a transplant surgeon that does nothing but kidneys. my uncle's situation changed my mind.

in 2000 my uncle was diagnosed with kidney failure. he was immediately put on dialysis and that just seemed to make him even sicker. his kidneys pretty much lost all function except for 4%. in 2003 they found a cyst on his right kidney and that kidney had to be removed immediately. his remaining kidney stopped making urine everyday and he could urinate maybe once a week, and then it was only a tablespoon. we watched him get sicker until March of this year we got a call out of the blue saying come to the hospital right away, we have found a kidney that you might be a match for. well God answered our prayers and he was the one to receive the kidney. the next day after surgery the doctors came out and said that the kidney started functioning immediately. we were so happy and all he has to do was be on certain medicines for the rest of his life and he ought to do fine. i mean taking a handful of pills for the rest of your life is better than relying on a machine in order to live right? well today he went in for his normal every moth check up and found out that his body is trying to reject the kidney. he was doing so well and i would hate for him to have to go back on that machine again. you know when it first happened me and my cousin (his son) were only 7 (we were born 7 weeks to the day apart, im oldest) and he was a single parent, so he had to keep fighting for the sake of his only child but now i dont think he will fight, or quite as hard anyway. i breaks my heart to see him in this condition but i wanna do something some day that might prevent others from suffering the way that my uncle has. i dont want other people to be able to live only because of a machine that filters their blood every other day. i just doesnt seem right that other people have life so much harder than others but if he died tonight i would want him to know that i am gonna study medicine because of him in hopes that i might can help someone else from living like he has for all these years.

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