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 Posted: Wed Sep 10th, 2008 06:58 pm
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On June 30th. 1863, Gen. Pettigrew approached Gettysburgs with his Brigade. Once, he learned that union cavalry was occupying the town. He choose to turn back to avoid an engagement.

On the night of the 30th of June 1863, Gen. Hill, Gen. Heth and Gen. Pettigrew discussed what was saw earlier in the day at Gettysburg. Gen. Hill dismissed there being union cavalry at Gettysburg instead it must have been local militia. Gen, Heth decided he would send his whole Division into Gettysburg on July 1st. Gen. Hill did not object to Gen Heth plan.

My Point:

Gen. Hill's dismissal of union cavalry at Gettysburg set the stage for the Battle of Gettysburg.

Gen Heth plan to take his whole division into Gettysburg must mean he did not fully dismiss Gen. Pettigrew belief that union cavalry not militia was in Gettysburg.

Note Gen. Heth was planing for a fight at Gettysburg on the morning of July 1st. When his division ran into heavy fire they did not retire as of Lee's orders. He had already chose to fight that day.

Gen. Heth and Gen. Hill knew they were going to engaged a union force at Gettysburg on the morning of Jule 1st..

The Battle of Gettysburg was started by these two generals because they did not fully trust Gen. Pettigrew opinion.

Gen. Heth and Gen. Hill set the corner stone for Lee's great defeat because their desire to prove a non west point man wrong or prove a junior officer wrong..?? What was Gen. Hill and gen. Heth trying to prove??

Something to ponder....

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