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 Posted: Wed Sep 10th, 2008 07:47 pm
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Did the civil war achieve its lofty goal of ending slavery and bringing freedom to Black Americans(Freedmen)?

You assume that was the goal. The orgins and causation of the war have been argued since 1861.

Like WWI did not achieve its lofty goal of ending war...

The "goal" off WW1 was not to end war. While Wilson had some hopes for the League of Nations, that's not even close to saying the goal of the war was to end war. Totally non-sensical statement.

 By 1879, Black Americans were being regulated into being second class citizens, by 1890 were living in an "separate but equal" world being enforced by "Jim Crow laws".

 How is this the fault of the Civil War? The people that came after the war perhaps, but that's different.

The Civil War did not end slavery as to change it to Apartheid.

HUH?? You do understand the definition of apartheid right? You think that's going on here, now? That's an insult to millions of black South Africans who know what the word means.

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