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 Posted: Thu Sep 11th, 2008 06:08 pm
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Finally! Someone kicks it off. (David, there is definitely something in your water.)

We will eventually get into tactical differences,  but I'd like to hear about what I consider mythological: Your everyday southern boy could ride a horse better than your ordinary northern boy.

Very likely, the northern boy had access to draft animals as did the southern boy. The boys who could ride were those whose families were wealthy enough to possess horses dedicated to riding. Were there more wealthy boys in the south than in the north? Did the northern boys drive carriages and surries rather than leaping hedgerows in pursuit of a fox?

We see many amusing stories about northern farm boys having to learn (clumsily) how to ride while the southern boys simply leapt into the saddle and rode off into the sunset. How close to fact was that?

Now Eric can proceed with his dissertation. In my understanding, the CSA and the USA cavalries started with very different assignments. Was that, if true, due to Stuart, or Jackson, or Johnston, or Lee? Or McClellan and the hidebound desk generals in Washington?

Let the learning begin!


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