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 Posted: Thu Sep 11th, 2008 07:21 pm
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Its great that you have such passion for the Civil War. Have you traced any family back to the war? I had an ancestor, John Milton Hancock, who was a colonel at age 23, and was wounded in the chest at Gettysburg. He actually was temporarily promoted to general before he was hit, and after the battle was taken prisoner and spent time at Fort Delaware. 

As far as your history book goes, Did you ever hear the quote, "History is written by the winner?" Its hard to say why the book seems so one-sided, but I'll take a shot. My guess is  that they probably have to cover so much ground in a general history book that they just want to impress on most students that the north held most of the cards, more railroads, more industry, more people, more resources, and that the union victory was more or less inevitable.

AS far as Antietum, you're right in saying that it wasn't exactly a ringing victory for the north. In my mind it was a draw that, if I HAD to pick one winner, it was the AoNV. But it was a victory that they could not afford, if that makes sense.

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