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 Posted: Thu Sep 11th, 2008 09:04 pm
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Thanks, ole! Here I was, wanting to make the most of the golden opportunity to pick Eric's brain about cavalry, thrilled to have the chance and by a fellow Berks Countian on top of it, and was not sure where to start! The "horses' butts North and South" was entertaining, but I wasn't sure where to go with that. Ole, you kind of gave me a direction!

I have to be honest, Eric, what I know about the cavalry on both sides is bits and pieces, mostly associated with the battles I know and love. My focus has mostly been infantry, but the cavalry has always held a fascination for me. I suspect that what I know of the Southern cavalry is mostly romanticized--better horsemen, bigger-than-life men like JEB Stuart, bigger risk-takers--is that so? And that until around the time of Gettysburg, the Union cav was absolutely no match for them--but why, exactly, I'm not sure. I have a soft spot for Gen. John Buford, I'm not sure why, but he fascinates me, from Thorofare Gap and Gettysburg--maybe because he only lives until that fall, and it seems like he could have gone on to better things. Was it true that he changed things about the way the Union cav fought, which improved their record against the South, or did I just think I read that somewhere? And I did like Ole's question about the CSA and Union cavs starting out with different assignments.

So you see, Eric, if you decide to enlighten me, you have your work cut out for you. Maybe you can start wherever you want to start--I'd appreciate it none the less!

As Ole said, let the learning begin!



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