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 Posted: Tue Jul 18th, 2006 06:24 pm
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Shadowrebel wrote: burnsideshot,

  Much of the problem comes from the way the North treated the South after the war. The people who support the North tend to forget what happened during reconstruction. They make it sound as if the North went down South and made it a better place than it was. They want you to believe the Negros had it far better then slavery. While slavery was wrong and had to be eleminated former slaves never had it a good as the Northern history would have you think.

   Lincoln is another example of the problem. He ignored the Constitution when it suited him and he never freed the slaves as the North teaches. Lincoln changed what he said when it suited him. Since this is not a thread about Lincoln I will not go into details, unless someone wishes to start a Lincoln thread.

   Secession is another issue, which is discussed on these boards. The North would have you believe that it was illegal without showing you in the Constitution it is forbidden.

  Slavery as the main issue of the South cause of the war is another issue. The South clearly fought over states rights. The North denied the South of its' right to regain its' property. Yes, the property was slaves, however slavery was a states right.

   The North would like to think they were the saviors of the slaves when in reality they had slaves, their military commander at Appomattox General Grant own three slave at the time, while the Confederate commander had none. Many Northern states at the time had laws making it illegal for former slaves and some Negros to stay in their state for more the 30 days. Lincoln did not care if the Union was all with or without slavery as long as the Union remained intact.

   I agree with rrhrjs that the North can sound awfully high and might. I believe the South has plenty of reasons to be bitter.

   Sorry I got so long winded, but there are many instances of history not being exactly told as it was.

   By the way I am from Pennsylvania, so I am not speaking as a Southerner.


Shadowrebel (John)


Grant only had one slave and that was through inheritance. He freed him of his own free will and without compensation, even at a time he needed the money. Lee had slaves, some inherited from his father-in-law. Although the slaves had to be freed by a certain date, Lee did not free them until he legally had to give them up.

What other states' rights was the south after, aside from slavery? Every major issue in 1860 revolved around the institution of slavery.

The 13th Amendment was created DURING the Lincoln administration. It was proposed in January of 1865, but didn't go in effect until AFTER Lincoln's death, having had to wait to get the required number of states to ratify it. Nice try. I don't know if you are being intellectually dishonest on purpose or are simply ignorant on this particular subject. Lincoln was clearly against slavery, despite the preservation of the Union being his first priority.


By the way I am from Pennsylvania, so I am not speaking as a Southerner.

Doesn't really matter where you live. You still sound like a typical Lost Causer.

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