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 Posted: Sat Sep 13th, 2008 02:21 am
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Marty, if my post came across as an attempt to "dress you down," rest assured that was not the intent. Nor was I trying to give anyone a "history lesson." It is often claimed that the history of the war was written by "the winners," and I was trying to point out that this isn't actually so. In truth, I was hoping my post might generate a debate on the subject. That's why I worded the post the way I did, and I thought it would be taken that way, given the knowledge of the war I've seen you display on other posts. There was no intent of a personal attack, dressing down, upbraiding, or history lesson. It was meant as a debating point, and one that I still think is valid. But if it came across as something more, then I do apologize.

One final point though. To be honest, I don't really think the sarcasm in your post was called for. If you took offense to the tone of my note, pointing that out would have sufficed by itself, and likely nipped this in the bud. The verbal daggers weren't required for that. It was never my intention to make you look foolish, Marty, and I think a review of any post I've ever written on this discussion board will bear out the fact that I don't try to get personal with anyone. Maybe I'm wrong about that, I don't know. I try to make my points, and if I see an opinion expressed that I take issue with, I'll take issue with it. But I try to do so without getting personal. Maybe I missed the mark with this one, and if so I'm sorry for that. But you deliberately took aim at me personally, rather than the points I made, with your reply. There was no need for that. There never is.

That said, I'm for writing this whole thing off to a misunderstanding, and moving on down the road.


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