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 Posted: Sun Sep 14th, 2008 07:03 am
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Excellent oppion ole Ibelive that we should have broken off the battle after the 2nd day the attacks by longerstreet ont he right faln nearly seeced but was repulsed if that attack had seeced Lee could shell there flank from he round tops and rool up there line like a piece of paper forcin meade to evacuate and them we could have attacked them while they were on the move and deshtroy the army of the potamc and the war could have been won that day

Another of my bads. 44th wrote this two weeks ago. I had intended to respond then and forgot until Pam brought it up --- or was it Fan?

A major misrecollection here is that Longstreet was never intended to take Little Round Top. The end of Sickle's line ought to have been anchored against it and that end was what Longstreet was directed to roll up. And it wasn't possible to get artillery up there. (Okay, the Union managed to get a few guns up there after a half-day of virtually carrying them.)

Little Round Top was an accident. At least one of Law's Regiments (the one I recall is Oates' 15th Georgia) was chasing some of Berdan's Sharpshooters when it (or they) ran into the 20th Maine. Shaara made the action a whole bunch more important than it was.

Then there was Sickles, who was where he wasn't supposed to be.


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