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 Posted: Tue Jul 18th, 2006 07:44 pm
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Shadowrebel wrote: Not only did Lincoln imprison two US Congressmen, he also wrote out an arrest warrant for the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, Roger Taney, after Taney wrote the opinion in Ex Parte Merryman (1861) rebuking Lincoln’s illegitimate suspension of habeas corpus (see Charles Adams, p 46-53).


Care to source your idea that Lincoln wrote out an arrest warrant for Judge Taney?

John Marshall, whose opinion in Marbury v. Madison (1803) famously declared that "It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is," also wrote the  opinion in Ex Parte Bollman and Swartwout (1807) declaring that suspension of habeas corpus was a power vested only in the Congress. Lincoln simply ignored the law.


1. Congress was not in session when war broke out. Should Lincoln have waited for Congress to meet and see Washington fall apart in the mean time?

2. When Congress finally did meet, they backed up Lincoln on his use of Habeas corpus, so the point became moot.

The Great Emancipator never freed any slaves, the greatest of Yankee myths. It took the 13th Amendment to the Constitution to do that. I do believe Lincoln was dead by that time. He proposed three 13th amendments to the Constitution; Lincoln's Three Proposed Constitutional Amendments of 1862

1.  Federal compensation provided for states agreeing to abolish slavery by January 1, 1900.
2.  Frees slaves who "enjoyed actual freedom by the chances of war" before "the end of the rebellion."
3.  Congress authorized to provide for colonization outside of
the United States of free blacks by their own consent.

This shows what, exactly? And on who's watch did  the 13th Amendment that we know today actually be formed under? 

He really was a friend of the slaves with these proposals. Abolish slavery by Jan. 1, 1900 how can you call him a friend of the slaves?
So much for Honest Abe, the Great Emancipator.

I don't see exactly where you show that Lincoln was dishonest. And as for emancipation, if it wasn't because of him, is there another individual responsible for seeing the end of slavery?

   The South fought for States Rights, here is a website with all 13 Declaration of Secession which clearly show the South fought for States rights.
   The North denied the South of its' right to regain its' property.

States' rights = Slavery. What one issue stands out more than any other in the Secession ordinances?

Lee had freed his slaves in 1862.


The ones that he was legally required to.

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