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 Posted: Sun Sep 14th, 2008 07:41 pm
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Did you ever hear the quote, "History is written by the winner?"
I hear this quote quite often in my day to day work. There are many examples in history where this is true but the American Civil War is not one of them. Never was a defeated force given such access to print and public opinion as were the Confederates after the Civil War. Every man with a story, from private to general, who wished to write a book did so. Libraries are filled with books of memoirs, remembrances, diaries, journals and letters. Post war speeches, addresses and articles made their way into Confederate Veteran Magazine, the Southern Historical Society Papers and the Southern Bivouac, just to name a few. Far from being stifled or censored, these men flooded bookstores and library shelves with thier works which is why we are able to see both sides of this struggle and debate it today with authority.

As to the question of unfair or biased text books, keep in mind that most text books are selected at a state or regional level. This explains why I was taught in California that the cause of the war was slavery and my wife, in Tennessee, was taught that the south fought for many reasons, non of which were remotely involving slavery.


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