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 Posted: Sun Sep 14th, 2008 10:52 pm
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I mentioned on a previous thread (which general would you like least to face in battle) that my favorite would be General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Truly a great general, and a great American. I give all the reasons on the other thread.

Another Civil War hero, though he was not a general, was Colonel Joseph W Hawley of the 124th Pa volunteers. He enlisted in the Army in February 1862, was promoted to Captain in June 1862, and in August 1862 was made Colonel of the 124th. In September 1862 he was badly wounded at Antietam and sent home. In February 1863 he was given a full medical discharge. In June 1863 he reenlisted with another unit, was made a Captain, and served until the end of the war. Why is he a favorite? He was a relative, and was very kind to my grandfather when my grandfather was a little boy.

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