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 Posted: Mon Sep 15th, 2008 02:04 am
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Thanks for your input. As I'm sure you know, I disagree with most of it, but I appreciate a valid opinion from the opposition. A few things I take issue with:

"I suspect that future historians will have a better opinion of him than most people seem to have today."

As a student of history, I realize this often happens. Not this time IMO. When you have an administration based solely on secrets, those secrets come out over the years. In the case of the Bush cabal, from the reasons for the Iraq war to domestic spying to aiding corporate corruption, I just don't see it happening that way.

"And whatever else we may say about him, the fact remains that in the seven years since 9/11, there have been exactly zero more attacks on the United States."

Before 9/111 we had one other terrorist attack on our homeland - also the World Trade Center, in 1993 when Clinton was President. The next one was in 2001 when Bush was President. So actually Clinton prevented another terrorist attack for a longer period than Bush has, and he did it without yanking Civil Liberties, without launching a war of choice in the mid-east, and without taking world opinion towards us into the toilet. 

"He held firm and sought for a way to turn things around. He found it with the surge. Something that most of his opponents claimed could never possibly work. "

When I listen to Bush or McCain, it appears we've won the war thanks to the surge. Why do we still have almost 140,000 troops there? Truth is the surge was 50% successful. The purpose as I recall was to improve security so that Iraq became a stable, viable government. Exactly 1/2 of that has happened.

 "I'm not saying Bush will ascend to Lincolnesque heights. He won't. But he might wind up like Truman as time goes by. "

I was actually thinking Martin Van Buren if he's lucky, and that's if there's not the Ricco prosecution he so richly deserves once he leaves office.

Seriously though, thanks for your input. At least you're going to vote.

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