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 Posted: Mon Sep 15th, 2008 04:08 am
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TimK wrote: What concerns me about this, and another very similar thread, is the polarization I see. Posters that normally carry on logical, interesting and sometimes humorous posts (remember when that poster called Wrap10 Warp10, and it was okay because of Star Trek), seem to be at each others throats. Even Hitler finds his way in. We, as a simple discussion group can't seem to respect when it comes to politics. How will our country come together if the paranoia about a new president works to divide us? This is the change I would like to see when the term of this incredibly polarizing president is over.
Hi Tim,

Actually I think we still respect each other here. It's only our various opinions we all find to be nuts. ;)

We'll always have political division even in good times. And these times aren't as bad as they are sometimes made out to be, in my view. But it's the nature of our system. The hollering is sort of part of the process. Sometimes it's a bit muted and other times it gets a little shrill. Only once has it ever reached the point where everyone stood on opposite sides with zero common ground left in the middle. But we're not even close to that now in my opinion, even though the hollering needle seems to be pegged out on "Shrill" at the moment. If the country survived something as cataclysmic as a civil war, we'll make it through this time as well. Even if we make such a serious mistake as to elect Bara....I mean, regardless of who wins the election. ;)


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