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 Posted: Tue Sep 16th, 2008 03:24 am
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Speaking of apartheid, I did happen to visit South Africa during apartheid. I did see some sights that reminded me of the 1950s south, but I saw some really eye-opening things too. Apartheid was much more blatant. For instance, we walked through a Johannesburg park with a sign prominently displayed that only whites were permitted to use park equipment such as swings and sliding boards and drinking fountains. Non-whites could walk through the park, but not use any of its amenties. It has been many years, but it doesn't seem as if the words were "whites" and "non-whites." It seems as if the words were different, but that is essentially what they meant.

Non-whites weren't just Africans. It also included the popluation of Indians and Pakistanis there. It also included anyone who was of mixed heritage.

We took a picture of the park sign, but someone came up to us and told us angrily that it was forbidden to photograph such signs.

Among other incidents, we saw a group of African school boys walking in single file by the side of the road. Their Caucasian teacher had a type of riding crop or similar instrument. He was snapping it at the boys. Perhaos  they did not maintain the proper pace. It troubled me greatly to witness this outright mistreatment of school boys.

Of course, we did not and could not have seen the worst of apartheid in a three-day trip, but it was open enough that we did have a few experiences with it.

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