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 Posted: Tue Sep 16th, 2008 06:21 am
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Of course, we did not and could not have seen the worst of apartheid in a three-day trip, but it was open enough that we did have a few experiences with it.

Having had the misfortune of being born in an area where the negro (note the obsolete sobriquet) was extremely rare, I can recollect seeing only one or two until I went to college. Even then I was totally unaware of "apartheid" in this country until Dr. King began his pressure. (It wasn't until later that I learned the college had a limit on the numbers of negroes and Jews it would admit.)

So you all will please forgive me if I ask what was the difference between apartheid and the contemporary treatment of the black in America? I'm figuring that in South Africa, it was very much government policy, and in America it was ignored. How wrong is that perception? Not kidding! I lived through it being completely oblivious to actuality.

And I wasn't paying attention when the South Africa business went down.

Just a musing question.


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