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 Posted: Tue Sep 16th, 2008 11:24 am
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Ole, I would say that one big difference was that in the 1950s South, there was at least a veiled attempt at the "separate but equal" philosophy. In South Africa there was no such attempt to disguise outright segregation, repression and belittlement of those considered inferior. Apartheid was institutionalized and part of governmental laws and regulations. In the short time I was there I saw several events of undisguised physical abuse of non-whites by whites. It turned my stomach.

Apartheid was unapologetic and was applied throughout South Africa not just regionally. There definitely can be an argument however that at one time in the South we had a situation that resembled "mini-apartheid", but African-Americans were free to leave and migrate to the north for better work and somewhat better treatment.  

I do remember drinking fountains in West Virginia marked "white" and "colored." In movie theaters, the balcony was for blacks not whites.  Public restrooms were likewise marked "white" and "colored" and may resturants and hotels would not serve balcks. As late as the 1960s, public schools were segregated in South Florida and I don't think we had an African-American on our football team at the University of Florida until my senior year and none on the basketball team.



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