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 Posted: Wed Sep 17th, 2008 02:24 am
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44th VA INF wrote: i get what you say about that but if the AOTP was destroyed and washington in confedrate hands eroupe would reconize the confedracy and the north would have to surrender than


You have a lot of big IF'S there. Just one example---Europe might NOT have recognized the Confederacy even if they had defeated the Army of the Potomac because most countries in Europe that the Confederacy needed were opposed to slavery. It is just supposition that Europe was eagerly awaiting an opportunity to recognize the South. Maybe some would; maybe some wouldn't. You cannot be sure.

The other really BIG IF, is that IF the Army of the Potomac had been destroyed, etc. Well, that's just it, isn't it. Lee was unable to destroy the AOTP. Plus you still have Union armies in the West. As I said before, Lee was not operating in a vacuum. Many important battles took place in the West and Deep South.

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