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 Posted: Wed Sep 17th, 2008 07:07 am
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44th VA INF wrote: i get what you say about that but if the AOTP was destroyed and washington in confedrate hands eroupe would reconize the confedracy and the north would have to surrender than


Even assuming that Lee could have pushed the Federals, by whatever means, off of Cemetery Ridge and forced them to abandon their positions at Gettysburg, the Army of the Potomac would have been a far cry from being destroyed.  The Sixth Corps had been sitting behind those hills, not firing a shot during the battle, and would have likely formed the backbone of any rear-guard actions.

Keep in mind as well that Meade had prepared for a possible withdrawal back into Maryland.  Some twenty or so miles South of Gettysburg were the formidable Pipe Creek defenses, protecting the approaches to Baltimore and D.C., from which a weakened ANV would have had quite a difficult time dislodging Meade.  The Washington defenses would have likely been an even tougher nut to crack.

Plus, as CleburneFan is right in pointing out, events in the West are going swimmimgly for the Union.

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