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 Posted: Thu Sep 18th, 2008 02:23 am
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Wrap 10-

  The captain  of the TITANIC, Captain Edward J. Smith, RD, RNR, was not on the bridge the night the fatal iceberg was sighted. He was in his quarters asleep. The man in charge on the bridge was the First Officer, Lieutenant William Murdoch, RNR.

  The man who sighted the iceberg was an expert lookout named Frederick Fleet. But by the time Fleet saw the iceberg and reported it to the bridge, the TITANIC was less than 500 yards from  it. At the speed the ship was going, it could not be stopped in time to avoid the iceberg.

  Murdoch ordered right rudder, turning the ship to port. He also ordered the engines to full astern, slowing the forward momentum. When the ship struck the iceberg a glancing blow, a gash of some 300 feet was torn into its hull . This would prove fatal. What is ironic is that the ship probably would have survived if it had run into the iceberg straight on.

  But, as you said, that could not be known at the time, just as people in 1912 could not have imagined how life would be in the 21st century, and just as we cannot imagine the distant future from where we stand today.

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