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 Posted: Thu Sep 18th, 2008 04:00 am
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I beleive a war was inevitable, regardless of who led the nation. It may not have occurred at the same time in history, but eventually the issue would have had to have been resolved and resolved by force.

Half of me goes along with that. Another half looks for a better result. "A house divided cannot stand. A nation cannot long endure half slave and half free." However, other than "long," there is no time limit attached to that observation. It is not a question that needs resolution this afternoon.

Lincoln believed that slavery would eventually expire from its own weight and problems. I see no indication that he was willing to press the issue -- at least not during his first term.

And I don't see "resolved by force" as an inevitable. There was no implied physical force -- just an expectation of natural, social and economic forces. Whether that could be true, we can only imagine. (And maybe argue about?)

There was going to be a clash between the sections. Whether that clash was on the floors of the House and Senate is wide open to opinion.


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