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 Posted: Thu Sep 18th, 2008 05:34 am
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As for change, well, change is not good or bad, but it sure helps to know what you're changing to AND how you're going to get there AND what your role in that change will be. I'd feel better about this election if I could just know that!

Change is inevitable. Our question is what that change ought to be.

Both candidates advocate change. What disturbs me is that Obama's change seems to drift into government control. Although what he wants controlled seems logical and quite necessary, we're not talking about less government involvement, are we?

We seem to all agree that the change we want is to get a government that cares more about the country than re-election. I'm afraid we lost that somewhere back in the 1800s. So. Can we get back the good old days? The time when we sent someone to represent us who actually represented us?

They're all "post turtles." We've been too long dwelling on "they should." If you can't get on "we will," get back on the porch.

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