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 Posted: Thu Sep 18th, 2008 04:49 pm
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Sadly the economic news of the past few days plays into the hands of Obama's view that more government oversight is needed.  But it is government insertion that helped cause the problem to begin with.  The reality is it was a bi-partisan effort by the parties that led to this deregulation fiasco.  So government involvement caused the problem and more government involvement is the answer?  Unfortunately the MSM does a good job of making the whole thing stick to the Republicans instead of shared equally like it should.


Of course the ultimate culprit is corporate greed at the top from Lehmann Brothers to Freddie Mac and Mae (who happen to be one of Obama's largest financial contributors, how's that for hope and change?) But the government caused this mess by essentially telling these corporate idiots go ahead play 13 and let is ride, if you hit it, you become fabulously and sinfully rich.  If you bust, the US government will have to bail you out or let the economy collapse.  The whole thing is a friggin' mess. #%$#)))(


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