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 Posted: Fri Sep 19th, 2008 02:12 am
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yeah seriously. im constantly in the town hanging out. there's Opie's Candy Store (my favorite store in town) it has all sorts of old candies, like Zots, Horehound candies, black licorice drops, jawbreakers so big that you can hardly fit em in your mouth, homemade ice cream, and so much more that you can barely walk for all the baskets and shelves.
there's several museums with memorabilia from the show, including the original outfits from the show. there are tons of different shops, and there's the Jail, and the Bluebird Diner and Snappy's Lunch (both of which i highly recommend, if your ever at either one get the pork chop sandwich) there's the Filling station and you can go to the house where Andy Griffith grew up in (you can stay in it also) you can ride in Andy's Sheriff car and do tons of other stuff up there. there are great music stores up there and a lot of musical events held there. i highly recommend it for a vacation, i also wanna say that its better enjoyed if you walk the town instead of drive it. the town is so small that there's honestly no need to drive, just walk down the sidewalk and smile and wave at everybody that passes (cause that's what we do here) and have fun.

here's a link that will tell you a good amount about Mayberry. it tells about up and coming events (Mayberry Days is the best) and you can see pictures from last years events.

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