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 Posted: Fri Jul 21st, 2006 04:44 am
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MAubrecht wrote:
Joe. I just saw the post.

You all got it "Primanti's" is an American institution. (and responsible for a lot of heart disease).

EVERYTIME I go home to visit the folks - we have to stop there. Luckily, they have franchised (there only used to be one) and are all over the area - and at the stadium and ballpark. Thanks for sharing the story - and NO thanks for making me so hungry!

BTW: I too have met Willie Stargell, and Manny - BUT I never got to drink w/ them!



Franchises are way after my time out there, as we used to go to the original place in the Warehouse District.  Seems like all of Pittsburgh went there after 2 AM..:)

Hope all is well.



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