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 Posted: Fri Sep 19th, 2008 07:01 am
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Pam our speaker this month at Orange county Roundtable talked about the Breakthough battle at Petersburg.  He wrote a fictional book based on two brothers one fought for the north the other from the south.  His name is David Jones , the book is Two Brothers.  Outstanding book.  They were both wounded at Petersburg not far from each other . 

I have been to Petersburg twice now .  The first time I got there just as the park ranger started giving his tour of the Crater .  I was in awe of the presentation he gave.  The tunnel and the Crater , the mishaps , the change in who went first into the charge after the explosion .  Amazing story.

The last time I was there we went to some of the other sites besides those in the park itself.  The cemetery next to the park and around the town.

The first time I was in the area I visited Five Forks.  The ranger there must not get visitors very often as he stood in the doorway of the little visitors center and gave me a tour of the battlefield.  I was so new to the Civil War at that time I had no clue what I was seeing .  I need to get back there now .

I also want to visit Pamplin park and visit the site of the breakthough battle that David talked about in his talk. 


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