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 Posted: Fri Jul 21st, 2006 01:15 pm
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It ain't a bad thing being related to McClellan (or anyone else) any more than it is a good thing for the zillions of folks who claim to be related to R. E. Lee.

McClellan is one of those figures who gave us more questions than we have answers for, leaving most of us puzzled and frustrated.  He made the AOP what is was and his men seemed to love him for it.  But in the end it would be like having a whole garage full of more tools than the Yankee Workshop and not making anything.

He would join a long list of New Jersey governors, dating back to the colony, whose loyalties make you wonder about - from William Franklin (Ben's illegitimate son) to today's prized zillionaire.

Bless the Garden State!  I grew up there as well.

:) ConnYankee

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