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 Posted: Sat Sep 20th, 2008 12:50 am
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Just perusing some info about Petersburg, I realized I have my work cut out for me (that's not a complaint). I'm even more ignorant of the battles associated with it than I suspected, and there are some I've never even heard of. It does, indeed, seem like a chess match, Tim! Guess I'll be reading awhile.

One thing I find interesting about the Crater is that they actually decided to swap out the black troops who were supposed to rush in, with rather modern-day thinking about what might happen to them in the face of the Confederates, versus white troops. Too bad those sent in were so green it was like pigs to the slaughter. And still, I'm wondering, was the idea of blowing up the underground mine simply to break the Confederate line, or was there more to it?


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