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 Posted: Sat Sep 20th, 2008 10:33 pm
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i get what you all mean about if washington was in rebel hands there was still the western armies please tell me how theycould have been directed with out ledership form washington

Washington is a conglomeration of buildings. Buildings don't direct or lead.  The taking of Washington, or Richmond for that matter, would have been a psychoblow, but it would not necessarily have meant the end of the war. For that, you have to capture or kill all the leaders (much like taking out Bagdad's communications during Desert Storm). If the leadership becomes disconnected, then you have a problem.

Just a thought.

Just a second thought: Get hold of good map that shows all the roads between Gettysburg and Washington. Pick a road or two that doesn't have to pass through Meade's proposed Pipe Creek Line. If you find one, you will also notice that 1) you are exposing your flank to a whole bunch of really irritated Yanks, and 2) you have no supply line over which to get ammo. I don't know what word is in vogue today, but we used to call that "totally screwed."


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