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 Posted: Fri Jul 21st, 2006 07:33 pm
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About Sickles, McClellansYankeeBelle wrote:  The man was clearly as crazy as he was insubordinate.

Give him a little credit, he WAS, after all, the first person ever to be acquitted of Murder by reason of temporary insanity.  Takes someone good at thinking under pressure (or a politician) to come up with that one and make it stick in those days.

As far as goof ups in the command ranks go, McClellan has lot less to be ashamed of than some.  Example:  "Fighting Joe" Hooker's Famous words on May 1, 1863: "I have Lee right where I want him."  Remember what happened on May 2, 1863? - Almost as comical in hindsight as Custer's reputed words at the Little Big Horn (Take no prisoners.)

Then there's the example of John Bell Hood basically shreading his army because he was embarrassed by their earlier performance under his no-longer-what-it-used-to-be leadership.

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