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 Posted: Tue Sep 27th, 2005 04:36 pm
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man, at 34, i feel like i'm just a kid ~

grew up lost in books. developed a fascination for the Lincoln conspiracy when i was a teenager (acurally read all the trial transcripts in my sophomore year in college ~ they're great reading if anyone hasn't seen them).

that lead to a curiosity about the war's impact on civilians and the younger generation who got involved late (the kids who went to war at 14).

i'm not all that saavy about tactics, etc. nor am i particularly inerested in the details of such things (though i like to listen and learn). but i do find the effects of the war on the people who lived through it to be extraordinary.

despite its historical inaccuracies, i think the movie <i>Glory</i> gave a huge boost to my passion for the era at a time when i was just beginning to form an attachment to it, so i hold it dear.

: D

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