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 Posted: Fri Jul 21st, 2006 07:46 pm
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So far this thread has seemed to revolve more along the differing ideas concerning the role of slavery than on other things that I think irritate Southerners (and a number of northerners as well to be fair) just as much.

Example here would be the constant mentions of how terrible conditions were at Andersonville in Georgia.   Granted, they were as bad as some of the nastiest Concentration camps in a later war would prove to be, but what is often left out is the fact that things were almost as bad for the guards as for the inmates.  The main reson they did better is that they could get food from the townspeople.  The Confederate supply system was just about inoperative during the late war.

Contrast that to Camp Douglass in Chicago or Elmira in New York state.  The north generally didn't have anywhere close to the supply issues the south did yet both of these camps had worse death rates than did Andersonville.  They are almost never mentioned.  Yet there are recorded instances of critical supplies being witheld from the prisoners on purpose, rather than just not receiving enough to go around.

I heard about Andersonville all through my US history classes in middle and high schools.  Didn't hear about the others until my Professor brought them up in college (in PA incidentally).  Ironically she did so to show where, as the saying often goes, "the Victors write the history books."  The northern camps weren't mentioned in the text, but you can guess which one was.

Secession itself has an interesting history.  I recently encountered an ultimatum delivered by a group of New England states in 1814.  I need to do some more research here, but it seems they either DID or threatened to Secceed from the Union unless hostilities with England ceased during the war of 1812.  Seems it wasn't good for their shipping business or somesuch.  The article was vague but it seems they delivered their notice just as word of the Treaty of Ghent came in (ending the war) so nothing came of it.

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