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 Posted: Sun Sep 21st, 2008 08:22 am
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Something to understand, Rape was a crime punishable by death in the west, whether by law or by the family of the wronged woman. Rape happened but it was rare, in my own opinion and through my own research only about a tenth of the rapes were reported or officially noted. That said at least four of the men hanged by Wheeler were actually hanged by Shermans men and the credit for the deed given Wheeler's boys. Sherman's boys had a thing against rape, didn't cotton to it and didn't tolerate it and the punishment would be called an "Abject Lesson."

The idea that murder and rape went unpunished is so much hooey. When it was known it was punished, either by the officers through courts martial or through the men by "soldiers" justice... the latter which was quite final.

And several of the claimed murders had to do w/ civilians shooting at Shermans men and then running for cover. There were plenty of good trackers in Sherman's Army, it didn't take much to give chase or to shoot back. Several of the Regimenst w/in 15 Corps had been garrison units in the Summer of 64 and dealt w/ guerrillas and bushwackers who had shot into hospital trains and hospital boats. And the accepted norm for dealing w/ civilians fighting against the Army was summary execution.

Davis knew this when he called for all Georgians to resist... he knew he would be signing the death sentence for any who did so. Despite this many civilians who were disarmed were treated as militia and sent home minus their weapons and gear or marched on w/ the Army to Savannah where they were shipped to POW camps. I read recently of the number of POWs taken on the way to Savannah but cannot find my notes on the subject and have no memory of where I read it.

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