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 Posted: Fri Jul 21st, 2006 08:24 pm
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Actually, I rather admired Hood's early career.  I just think he lost more than an arm and a leg in  the later years.  He didn't seem like the same person when one reads about him.

One of the Generals whose style I seem to like most is actually John B. Magruder.  The man seemed to be somewhat vain, but you have to admit he could do absolute miracles with virtually nothing.  From throwing a party for the officers of a famous British regement while posted along the border of Canada (he borrowed everything for it) to managing to convince the union intelligence service (headed by Allan Pinkerton) that he vastly outnumbered McClellan's army at Yorktown.  He marched the same units past certain points in plain view, but with subtle differences in display and order, over and over. 

 McClellan was great on morale, better on organization, but tended to put waay too much faith in the judgement of others, specifically the aforementioned Pinkerton, whose organization would in later years seem more like a terrorist-for-hire cell than a private investigative firm.

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