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 Posted: Sun Sep 21st, 2008 06:28 pm
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Hood praising his army, after he destroyed it...does not grant reprieve. Ken, you're right to comment that Schofield (and most commanders) will justify their opponent to make their triumph seem grander.

What any of that will never forgive is that responsibility for Spring Hill rests with Hood. Responsibility for not spending mere minutes to further and accurately observe the line, And realize that the Federal Right was the vulnerable point. It had no previous works, from Federal occupation. The fields of fire (Granger complex covered an advance on their left) were much less imposing, and the bend in the river more accomodating.

an attack focusing on driving in Wagner's force coupled with
an alignment to attack the right instead of the left (which simple recon shows the bend in the Harpeth makes an attack on the left near impossible, had a chance to do what Hood desired.

The rash manner of attack. The revenge factor. The fact that even though that army bled its heart out in several strong (though failed) assaults around Atlanta...and Hood still felt an assault upon works was needed to prove their value...

Franklin was a disaster.

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