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 Posted: Fri Jul 21st, 2006 08:54 pm
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Let's try this again:  I've actually spelled the URL correctly this time!

While at Petersburg the other weekend, I noticed two of the park's 3-in ordnance rifles had markedly different styles of rifling.  on one, the rifle grooves projected toward the center from an otherwise even circle bore.  On the other, the rifling seemed to be accomplished by scalloping the bore.  Instead of a basic circle, it is rather "flower-shaped" with seven "petals."  The manufacturing information for the one was totally nonexistant or obscured.  I was wondering if this was an indication of which side produced the piece (like the CS Napoleon being a smooth taper to the end of the tube while the US Napoleon has a muzzel swell at the end), or if this was simply a case of each factory doing it their own way.   


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